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2016-05-02 12:45:41 by DavidCraddock

Hello, I'm David, I'm a musician, and I'm new to Newgrounds! I have been making music for several years and I'm in the process of uploading some of my tracks from Soundcloud over here.

On the computer, I use Ableton Live Suite and Synthmaster as a software synth plugin with Max/DSP or samples for drums.  Outside of the computer, I have a small set of synthesisers including and Access Virus A digital synth, a KORG Minilogue and an (ever growing) Eurorack modular synthesiser which is mostly Doepfer modules. 

I would be interested in talking synths with anyone here, in addition to welcoming any reviews, positive or constructively critical of any oif my tracks. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy what I put here.


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