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Entry #2

Programming + Writing + Music = Game

2016-05-14 21:17:17 by DavidCraddock

In my 'real life' I'm a programmer, but I haven't actually developed any games in my spare time. I started writing a roguelike but never got around to finishing it. I'd like to work on some kind of Newgrounds type web-based game at some point.

I also have been known to write creatively, stories, poetry and the like. It would be great if I could write a visual novel type game with my music, writing and coding skills. I would just need to find the artwork for said game. There are plenty of artists on Newgrounds, after all.


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2016-05-14 22:26:16

If you need some sprites for your games then i'd like to help.
I also know a lot about creating games and i have some games in progress but i never finished any of them due to my lack of free time.

DavidCraddock responds:

Thanks; I'll have a think about what type of game I want to create and then may well get in contact with you.